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  1. Corey Payne

    Hi im corey and i was wandering if you could bring in Within Temptation they are a really good symphonic metal band they mix heavy metal with classical music if you want to search them on youtube if you want them to perform i have their contact phone number in one of their cds

  2. Brad Downall

    Corey, Thanks for your suggestion. This is the time of the year we start looking at options for our 2012-13 season. The Advisory Committee considers 200-300 acts when deciding the line-up for a well-balanced season that is popular in appeal and satisfies our mission.

    Thanks again for your input!

  3. Corey Payne

    Their from europe i hope that doesnt change anything

  4. Beth Hubbard

    We have enjoyed so many of the acts/shows you have brought to Madisonville. We love, love, love the Chinese Acrobats and can hardly wait for the show this week. I was wondering if you’ve ever considered bringing Time for Three in for a show. You can see some of their clips on You Tube or their website. They are pretty awesome. Thanks for bringing such a good variety of shows to our area.

  5. Brad Downall

    I am glad you enjoy the offerings. I will check out your suggestion!

  6. Cl payne

    How about Meat Loaf

  7. Brad Downall

    What? Meat loaf again? Good suggestion! I am not sure of his price range or touring schedule. I will look into it.

  8. cathy pierc

    I want to bring my Autistic son to see Clifford. I’d need end seats in case he needed a break and I had step out with him. How much would the seats cost and is it possible to get end sets? Thank you

  9. Tonya Barnard

    We have several end seats still available – do you prefer main floor or balcony. Main floor seating is $15 for adults and $7.50 for children; balcony is $12; $6. Please call the box office at 270-821-2787 if you have other questions or to reserve seats! Thank you for your question.

  10. Joy

    Was just wondering for the kids portion of things if maybe you could get The FreshBeat Band? I guarantee you’d have a sellout crowd with everyone and their kids :) And for the country portion that you have every year which I really look forward to, have yall ever thought about getting Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, or Billy Currington? Loved seeing Josh Turner–first concert I’ve ever been to!

  11. Brad Downall

    Joy, Thanks for the suggestions! The advisory committee has been meeting all year to work on next season. Offers have been submitted and we are in negotiation and contracting phase right now. We hope to announce soon. While we would love to present some of the artists you suggested, you must realize that if they play 2,000 seat venues or larger, there is no way that our 1,000 seat venue would be able afford the act. We try to bring in the most balanced season we can and keep the ticket price as low as we can.

  12. Joy

    Sounds great!

  13. Joy

    Just seen in the paper about Michael Bolton!!!!! Just like when I learned Josh Turner was going to be there, seeing him going to be there has made my day! When will yall post when the tickets go on sale?

  14. Tonya Barnard

    Single ticket sales begin July 23rd. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you at the Glema Center!

  15. Lynda Vandiver

    Would you see about the posiblilty of booking
    Celtic Thunder? I saw a show about them and on PBS and it was
    wonderful. You can go to Celtic Thunder on the net and find
    out all about them. Wonderful Irish/Folk music

  16. Brad Downall

    Lynda, I will get more information from the group’s agent (availability, fee, & technical requirements) and if all of those fit into our reality then I will take it to the Center’s advisory Committee. We look at hundreds of artists each year for about 15 slots in our presenting calendar. Each selection has to work within the framework of a balanced season that adheres to our mission, both artistically and financially. Thank you for the suggestion!

  17. Joy

    I know this is going to sound a little silly, but I didn’t get to see Michael Bolton last year when he come in because it was so close to Christmas. Have you considered getting him back this season *not around Christmas though lol* to sing again? I know yall had a sell out for him. If you do, I’d sure like to know so I can come see him.

  18. Brad Downall

    Joy, We have had very few repeat artists over the years and when we have attendance has not been as good the second time. I’m not saying we would never have him back but there would probably be a 5 to 10 year gap between appearances.

  19. Raven Brigman

    I was wondering how you would audition for the community theater. I saw that Sweeney Todd was coming and I would love to audition.

  20. Brad Downall

    We will post audition notices on our FB page, throughout the college,, and through local media outlets as soon as audition dates are finalized. More than likely, auditions will occur in mid to late May.

  21. Geoff Farmar

    Hi There We are traveling to Nashville and have seen a note on the Time Jumpers site saying they are playing your venue on Mon 23rd September 2013 however your schedule dosnt mention that only an earlier date. Could you help, us we will only be able to work the 23rd into our travels.Thanks

  22. Brad Downall

    I just checked their website. The listing of September 23rd is incorrect. I’ll contact their publicist.

  23. Stephanie Dodds

    Hello =) I would like to suggest the group Straight No Chaser as a possibility to bring to Madisonville. We went to a Straight No Chaser concert in Evansville in 2011, and enjoyed it immensely. We would love to see them come to Madisonville. Please consider them =)

  24. Brad Downall

    They are a great group! Unfortunately, with only 1,000 seats their cost is little more than our advisory committee feels that audience members would be willing to pay for tickets.

  25. Joy

    Has it been long enough that maybe Michael Bolton be brought back? Just wondering :)

  26. Brad Downall

    Joy, Being that we are in a small town with a limited demographic, the Glema Center rarely brings back Center Stage artists…and when we have in the past it has either been an orchestra, or there has been a decade in between appearances. Thank you for your interest!

  27. Laura

    Is there a performer age limit for community productions? Also, do auditioners need to live in Madisonville, or can they travel to/from rehearsals? Thank you!

  28. Brad Downall

    Laura, Auditions are open to anyone willing to make the commitment to be at the rehearsals. The age restrictions vary by production and director. As soon as we have information about Sweeney Todd auditions and our Summer Arts Academies, we’ll post them on the website and Facebook.

  29. Brad Rickard

    Is Ben Solee on the 22nd or th 27th? I noticed it says the 22nd on the website.

  30. Darlene

    I am excited to have Rick Springfield in Madisonville! Long time fan. Would you happen to have any meet and greet passes to that event??

  31. Brad Downall

    The Glema Center will not have local meet and greet passes.

  32. Brad Downall

    Saturday, March 22.

  33. Darlene

    Just to make a suggestion for an upcoming show, how about considering country musician Phil Vassar? He does play smaller venues and might enjoy the short drive to our area to do a show. Thanks for all you do.

  34. Brad Downall

    Thanks for the suggestion!. Phil’s name has been on the list each year for the advisory committee to consider. When you have 6 slots annually for center stage and over 300 suggestions it takes awhile to come up with a balanced season that pleases people, is affordable, and has the artists available when we have an opening!

  35. patty

    when will tickets for lyle lovett concert go on sale? is it aug 10,2014?

  36. Brad Downall

    The concert is August 10 and single tickets go on Sale July 7 at 9:00 am Central. You can order online through our website with no fees added.

  37. jamie

    do you know if the cast group from cambridge will be returning this year?

  38. Brad Downall

    We are in negotiations at the present.

  39. Rhonda Noffsinger

    Have you considered having Justin Hayward who tours solo now appear there? Thank you.

  40. renntwins

    we’re really interested in auditioning for this year’s musical!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!!!!!

  41. Brad Downall

    Thank you for the suggestion!

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