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  1. I would like to suggest getting Lou Christie to perform here. What can I do to make something like this happen?

  2. Angela, The Glema Center Advisory committee works year round to make sure we present a balanced season representing as many art forms as possible, while staying within our budget. I will make an inquiry with his management and then we will add the name to the list of considered artists if it is deemed within budget and technical confines. We consider over 300 suggestions annually for approximately 16 slots, 8 of which are for our coffeehouse and chamber music series.

  3. I’m wondering if there was a recording made of Young Dr Frankenstein. We have a family member in the cast and would like to purchase the recording, if one was made. Thank you.

  4. According to the license agreement for “Young Frankenstein” no video recording was permitted. Sorry about that but we have to adhere to the rules set forth by the licensing agency.

  5. What is the deadline for the application for the Juried Art Exhibit this year?

  6. Again, my question remains as to when is the deadline for returning our application for the Juried Art Show?

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